2006 Champions Crowned at Evergreen Speedway

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Sept 24, 2006, 13:48

Monroe, WA (September 24, 2006): On Saturday night September 23, Evergreen Speedway’s NASCAR Championship Night at the Races honored eight season champions. They join the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Super Stock Champion Shane Harding who won the honor a week ago. The 2006 Champions are Duane Schosboek in the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Bomber Division, Mark Weedin from the NASCAR Mini-Stocks, Steve Peters a third in a row as a Super Figure Eight competitor, Troy Simianer won the Extreme Contact championship and Cody Koroshes won his first in the Stinger 8 Division. The Northwest Legend Series now has three divisional champions. The Pro winner is Randy Schaaf, Semi-Pro is Nick Carey and the Master Division champ is Rob Hawton.

Schosboek won his first NASCAR Championship to go with his ten previous WWRA Limited Stocks championships. A safe tenth place finish in the season ending race locked up the prestigious championship. Race winner Travis Blackwood was the strongest he had been all season. Dave Stewart finished second ahead of Craig Rowalt.

NASCAR Mini-Stock season champion Mark Weedin finished the final race in fifth and that was enough to win his first ever divisional crown. Nat Barber who finished second to Weedin in the points chase won the main. Second place in the race was Bob Edwards and Joe Hobbs finished third.

Northwest Legend Series Semi-Pro Division Champion Nick Carey won the main event to go with his first title. Pro Division Champ Randy Schaaf had a large enough point advantage to absorb a mechanical problem and a DNF. Masters Division 2006 season champion Rob Hawton makes it his first. In the final main of the season Rowan Carey finished second and Tracy Warren was third.

The Stinger 8 championship was not decided until the final lap of their main. Cody Koroshes made a pass for the lead with only 5-laps remaining and that pass won him the championship by just 4-points. Mike Middleton had a 4-point cushion to start the final night of racing. A disappointing ninth in the race was too far back of Koroshes. Sean Peters was second in the race and Bobby Shukar third.

Super Figure Eight driver Steve Peters won his third in a row division championship. A strong second place race finish cemented the title for the long time competitor. Greg Scott drove off to win the main event and behind Peters in third it was John Carlson.

There was no question on who the 2006 Extreme Contact Figure Eight Champion would be. Troy Simianer not only won the title but also dominated the final race of the season. Benny Raynes finished the main in second and Ashley Shukar was third.

Next Up at Evergreen Speedway is the season ending Demolition Derby/Fireworks Night of Destruction. Besides the Derby there will be Hornet Races, School Bus Figure Eights, Boat Races, Roll-Over Contest and a School Bus Demolition Derby. Start time for the annual event is 7:00pm. Tickets are available for the famous Evergreen Speedway Derby on line at www.evergreenspeedway.com and via the phone call 360 805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway September 23 Unofficial Results (final results are pending a post race inspection process):

NASCAR Championship Night at the Races:

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Bombers:
25-Lap Transfer Main: 1-Joe Kneeland; 2-Charlie Davis; 3-Clark Casey; 4-Keith Clark;
5-Ryan Hansen; 6-Nikki Bristol; 7-Mark Trail; 8-Dave Young; 9-Carl Caskey
40-Lap Main: 1-Travis Blackwood; 2-Dave Stewart; 3-Craig Rowalt; 4-Jill Lang;
5-Darin Stordahl; 6-Merlin Cook; 7-Ron Fritzly; 8-Russ Hales; 9-Bill Mann; 10-Duane Schosboek; 11-Jim Foti; 12-Steve Ptacek; 13-Frank Cowgill; 14-Marv Monty; 15-Brian Cottrell; 16-Darrel Lutovsky; 17-Travis Ross; 18-James Mugge

NASCAR Mini-Stocks:
30-Lap Main: 1-Nat Barber; 2-Bob Edwards; 3-Joe Hobbs; 4-Chuck Richard;
5-Mark Weedin; 6-Mindy Harriss; 7-Rod Helmuth; 8-Douglas Hinds; 9-Renny Marose;
10-Jim Cutrell; 11-Della Williams; 12-Todd VanDiest; 13-Troy Selby; 14-Tony Deegan;
15-Chad Chase; 16-Mike Smith

Northwest Legends:
30-Lap Main (P-Pro; SP-Semi-Pro; M-Masters): 1-Nick Carey (SP); 2-Rowan Carey (P)
3-Tracy Warren (SP); 4-Kyle Oman (SP); 5-Keith VanDyne (SP); 6-Mike Gardner (SP);
7-Natalie Sinner (SP); 8-Mark Christopherson (SP); 9-Douglas Anderson (SP);
10-Patrick Dooley (SP); 11-Chuck Carter (SP); 12-Chuck Sherwood (M); 13-Randy Schaaf (P); 14-Steve Kelly (SP); 15-Tracy Titus (SP)

Stinger 8’s:
30-Lap Main: 1-Cody Koroshes; 2-Sean Peters; 3-Bobby Shukar; 4-Robert Shukar;
5-Daniel Koester; 6-Ben Chandler; 7-Ken Clark; 8-Craig Jantz; 9-Mike Middleton;
10-Nick Williams; 11-Joey Magg; 12-Daniel Norris; 13-Michael Durbin; 14-Dave Barber

Super Figure Eights:
17-Lap Transfer Main: 1-Jay VanBuskirk; 2-Tim Bergstrom; 3-Jason Holton; 4-Richard Shaver; 5-Gordy Severson; 6- Dale Larson; 7-James Conley
35-Lap Main: 1-Greg Scott; 2-Steve Peters; 3-John Carlson; 4-Wendi Boyd; 5-Sean Peters; 6-Jerry Funden; 7-Troy Simianer; 8-Tom Lindsey; 9-Rich Groshong; 10-Gordy Severson; 11-Tim Bergstrom; 12-Ricky Dietz; 13-Doug Delfel; 14-Jay VanBuskirk;
15-Richard Shaver; 16-Bill Wade

Extreme Contact Figure Eights:
25-Lap Main: 1-Troy Simianer; 2-Benny Raynes; 3-Bruce Wilson; 4-Ashley Shukar;
5-Josh Beckel; 6-Geoff Chandler; 7-Nicole Beckel; 8-Kim Deitz; 9-Bill Wade; 10-Sean Peters; 11-Lance Ograin; 12-Steve Peters; 13-Brad Hochanadel; 14-Darrel Tiedeman;
15-Max Spromberg; 16-Kurt Gruchalla; 17-Noah Chandler

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