…a senior at Gonzaga University’s Business School, has been racing competitively for twelve years. Starting his racing career in go-karts, Tony has won 9 championships in 4 different classes in over 200 races at various tracks throughout the Northwest.
Dedicated to his family and community service, Tony was a “Page” in the 107th U.S. Congress as well as in the Washington State Legislature. He ran for International DECA President, which is a global high school marketing organization as well as serving as co-chair in the Redmond Youth Partnership program. Tony understands the value and commitment to give back to his community.
Our race team has raced competitively at a variety of venues throughout the Northwest and is well known as a positive example of teamwork, sportsmanship, skill and continued developmental growth within the racing community.


Driving Schools

Cory Kruseman’s Sprint Car School
Ventura, CA – Advanced Driving
Instruction, non-wing USAC Sprint Car
Click here for reference letter from Cory Kruseman

Competitive Edge Racing School
Spokane, Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA
 won last 4 Late Model Main Events

Jim Hall Kart Racing School
Ventura, CA – Advanced kart driving school
 fast time/Main Event winner 


Quick Start Driving School
Sacramento, CA – Advanced kart driving school




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