Civic involvement has always been a top priority for Tony Berry. From a young age his parents instilled in him the responsibility of giving back to the community that has provided so much for him. Tony took this to heart and acquired a deep commitment to working with his school, community and state to learn and contribute as much as he could. In the eighth grade Tony joined a unique community group comprised of both young people and local business leaders. Though ongoing involvement on this community board, Tony has learned the benefits of hard work and how to work within a large team to cohesively accomplish specific goals and gain consensus. Currently, he is the
Co-Chairman of the Redmond Youth Partnership and spearheads the youth oriented activities in his home town.

Tony has also found a passion for being involved in his local government and was accepted to be a Page in the State Legislature. He had the opportunity to serve as a Legislature Page in the State Legislature. He had the opportunity to serve as a Legislature Page in the state capitol two more times as he was requested to come back as a “repeat offender.” Berry had developed a deep desire to become more politically involved and actively sough out positive, proactive activities to take part in. Though working with the Junior Statesman Foundation, a non-partisan political group, Tony attended the Republican National Convention in August of 2000 in Philadelphia. PA.

Though interaction with his state’s United States Representative, Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn, Tony became a Page in the United State House of Representatives, one of seventy five students selected from across the country to spend three weeks in Washington D.C., in the summer of 2001 to see our nation’s leaders in action. Tony was soon to find the inspiration that would allow him to build and refine many of the traits he had worked to acquire. He joined the DECA origination in his junior year in high school. Immutably this origination had a dramatic and positive effect on his life. Tony soon knew that the found his niche. He sought office to become a State Officer for his DECA Association, and his DECA life truly began. The DECA origination helped Tony to refine his public speaking skills by expositing him to potentially intimidating situations.

Tony’s role as a state officer led him to classrooms across his state speaking to twenty to thirty students at a time. This intimate setting allowed Berry to learn how to motivate these students to achieve more success for themselves within the DECA family. Tony also had the responsibility of representing the origination by leading workshops to groups numbering more the 150 people. At both his fall Leaderships Conference and the State Career Development conference, Tony spoke to groups between 1500-2500 people. These were some of the situations that allowed Berry to come into his own and be able to use his speaking skills.

 The DECA program teaches you many things, but one trait that promotes more the skill to network with others for common good. By sitting on the State Business Leadership Council and the State Career Development Conference Planning Committee, Berry’s skill of networking with business professionals was continually developed. These experiences allowed Tony to work productively with prominent business people at some of the largest companies within his home state.

 Though his tenure as a State Officer Berry helped lead an already successful state origination to new heights as they performed DECA worked together. Through assisting in the planning stages of three DECA conferences, as well as playing an active role in coordinating statewide activities that include civic consciousness projects for Make-A-Wish Foundation, Tony experienced the pride of accomplishment. Tony fully expects his academic and professional future to continue to be involved with community service, helping others and continuing to learn more about our governmental processes and how he can help make it work.
Tony has been blessed with a very supportive family that believes in him and has helped prepare him for his life’s future opportunities. The lord has provided Tony opportunity, inner strength and has had patience with him as he develops his life skills and discovers his place in the world.
The main passion and sport of choice in Tony Berry’s life has always been auto racing. The racetrack was a permanent fixture in his life growing up and it was just a matter of time before his turn behind the wheel would come. At the age of ten Tony got his first go-kart and ventured onto the track for the first time. His first race was a true “learning experience” yet Berry managed a podium finish. Tony has had his share of success earning nine track championships throughout the state and winning over half of all the races he has entered. Having driven successfully for several major kart shops, and in some exotic, high powered race cars, Berry moved on when hew turned sixteen and stepped into the Late Model Stock Car. Running a touring series around the region, Tony learned and progressed all season long. By the end of the season, grabbing four consecutive main event wins, Tony was able to capture third in the season points in his rookie season. The AJB racing team has set its sights on winning races around the region once more in an NASCAR Late Model Stock Car in the near future.

Tony Berry, a senior at Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, WA and a current Washington DECA State Officer will be campaigning for National DECA President this April 19-24 at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Running for this national office is similar to any public election process. Berry will meet with DECA representatives from across the United States during this convention, and participate in business meetings, competitions, the national elections process as well as hosting multiple trade show exhibit booths while in Salt Lake City.

The logistics for this pursuit are considerable, months of planning and preparation go into a venture of this size. "I am very excited about DECA, what it stands for and what it can mean to young people as they determine their life's work. It is an organization that really cares about young people and can help build their personal and business skills as well as their confidence in themselves and others." said Berry.



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